Thursday, November 01, 2007


Yesterday we brought home a new pair of kittens! One of them is an all black DSH female, and the other is a brown mackerel tabby with white socks. We thought that one was male, but the medical sheet says female. Hard to tell at this age without veterinary training, I guess. It also says DLH, but I'm thinking this is a DSH cat. They're not from the same litter, so the mackerel is two weeks older than the black one, but it's the shy one all the same. No names yet; we need a couple days to learn their personalities.

We set up the guest bathroom as a safe room, and are confining the kittens there until they're ready [PDF] to explore a little more of the apartment. And since it's been 13 years since I last had kittens, I've been brushing up on training and kitten care by plowing through a couple books. Though, one of the authors goes a little overboard. I mean, homemade meals?

I think it's great that we brought home a black cat on Halloween.

More to follow!


David said...

Pictures, man, pictures! :)

Justin Morgan said...

Pictures are up!