Thursday, November 01, 2007

Kitten pictures are up

These are the kittens on Day 2. We still haven't named them, but we're getting to know them, and they're acclimating to their new home faster than we expected. In a couple of days, I think they'll be ready to explore the living room. And they are both female.

I also have a newfound appreciation for fast lenses. It was hard enough taking pictures without a flash and without any natural light. They would have come out terrible if not for this 50mm prime (thanks Eugene).

The whole album is available now.


Yesterday we brought home a new pair of kittens! One of them is an all black DSH female, and the other is a brown mackerel tabby with white socks. We thought that one was male, but the medical sheet says female. Hard to tell at this age without veterinary training, I guess. It also says DLH, but I'm thinking this is a DSH cat. They're not from the same litter, so the mackerel is two weeks older than the black one, but it's the shy one all the same. No names yet; we need a couple days to learn their personalities.

We set up the guest bathroom as a safe room, and are confining the kittens there until they're ready [PDF] to explore a little more of the apartment. And since it's been 13 years since I last had kittens, I've been brushing up on training and kitten care by plowing through a couple books. Though, one of the authors goes a little overboard. I mean, homemade meals?

I think it's great that we brought home a black cat on Halloween.

More to follow!