Monday, November 07, 2005

Avian Flu

A lot of people have been worried about the Avian Flu virus recently. I find this rather silly. This is what happens when people let the media replace science. There's nothing new about this concept, by the way (great article; you should read the whole thing).

The media is what really makes it so bad. While it's uncommon for CNN to stoop to fear mongering, take a look at the title of this article: "WHO: Human flu pandemic inevitable". Wow. Inevitable? This just in: "Astronomer: Sun Decaying to Black Hole Inevitable!"

How about "CDC: Mutated Rhinovirus Strains Found", otherwise worded as "Human Cold Virus Mutates All the Time and Each Cold You Ever Get is Typically a Freshly Mutated Strain".

Sometimes, irresponsible media can be worse than most people imagine. The media prey on people's most recent fears. Remember when some woman was arrested for bringing nail clippers onto a plane? Remember all the media hype about it? Were nail clippers ever a security risk? Of course not. No more than a sharpened pencil is. Last I checked, they still allowed sharpened pencils on airplanes.

Here's a great article about Avian Flu, written by a much better author than myself. Watch out for that Klebsiella bacteria!


Zarthy-poo said...

Broc no like birds. Their feather get stuck between teeth.
Oh.. and you should play again

Brian McCann said...

This just in...
Surface of the Earth is thought to be MOVING!

EPA: "Seems to be the fault of Islam, other forms of ritualistic demon worship, and possibly North Korea."

While unwilling to comment on the issue of our enemies' practice of demonistic earth moving, Senator Tom DeLay did mention his recent sunny scottish golfing charity event.