Tuesday, October 11, 2005

In the beginning...

Welcome to my mind.

This journey will take you through depths of thought and contemplation of somebody else... me. Much of what you see you may not understand or care about. And that will be too bad. Please refrain from throwing any foreign objects from the vehicle during the ride. It might give me a headache.

All sentences are to be preceeded with "In my opinion,"

Some things I will not make this blog:
  1. A list of whines and complaints. I'll throw them in when I think they might be interesting to someone else, such as "Be careful buying milk from Store 24. I opened a fresh gallon to find that it was in fact primer paint."
  2. A list of links to other places without any interesting insights or comments.
  3. Politically or socially correct.
  4. "Here's an itinerary of everything I did today. And yesterday. And the day before."
If I repeat offend on any of the above, feel free to smack me. That's enough for now, I'll come back when I have something interesting to share.

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