Thursday, October 20, 2005

The First REAL Projector?

Finally. A projector that does things a projector should.

From the website: "As the worldÂ’s first automatic projector sporting a footprint smaller than a sheet of paper, the LT35 is bright, powerful and packed with technological innovations way ahead of its time. This little powerhouse does everything for automatically including start-up, focus, keystone correction and cool down."

I've been saying for a while that projectors are not user friendly. When a $50 camera can autofocus, you would expect that a $2000 projector would also. Unfortunately, we have become brainwashed consumers and buy buy buy anyway, without regard to quality requirements like this. Hopefully it will also scan all inputs simultaneously. There's no excuse for taking 20 seconds to acquire a signal.

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Jason said...

I've always wanted to get a projector. Ever since I saw some kids at RIT playing Dr. Mario projected onto their living room wall...


My only beef with them is that the colors and refresh rates are often horrid, obviously due to technology limitations. I wonder how affordable these babies are.